Shankar : Biture à Bénarès (String Bouddha)

Date : 20006

Paroles : extraites par Maniaxmemori de “Brooklyn Movements”
par Da Bush Babees (Jamahl Hana, Acklins Dillon, Harold Lee, Salaam Remi)
Musique : Geoffroy, Siegfried G, Maniaxmemori, Da Bush Babees (Jamahl Hana, Acklins Dillon, Harold Lee, Salaam Remi)

Groupe : MCP
Album : Les orgies sonores de MonCulProd volume 2

Musiciens :
Geoffroy : sitar
Siegfried G : épinette, guitare programmation basse batterie percussions
maniaxmemori : programmation hip hop

Paroles :
[Hook: Y-Tee]
Me uhn a Brooklyn walking, Brooklyn talking
When you come a Brooklyn if you mind a [?]
Brooklyn walking, Brooklyn talking

[Interlude: Babe-B-Face-Kaos]
Yes, directly from the planet of Brooklyn we have
Bush Babees in the house, in your area, yes
Uh, one time for ya’ mind, yes
Brooklyn’s in the place, yes
We gon’ take it to your face
Uh, check it, yo

[Verse 1: Kaos]
It be that baby face nigga with that ill type flow
Got to represent proppa’ every time I go
All my heads in Brooklyn got to get that dough
So if you don’t understand I’ll let you know
Yo, you can not fade these heads from the B.K
See hey, don’t play, ask Mad Lion to take it easy
So when you come through, you best come through proppa’
Stomp ya’, rolling on the cruise like tonka

[Bridge: Y-Tee]
Biddy boop, I don’t judge a cover
Ya’ never never know what the eye will discover
Say come again, a riddy boop don’t judge a cover
Ya’ never never know what the eye will discover
And sing say, I [? ? ? ? ?]
[Line ?]
[Line ?]
[Line ?] a brandish ya’ tool
Can’t run a ‘ting, not a ‘ting that you rule
[Hook – Kaos in the background]
Say Brooklyn’s
Say Flatbush up
And you know Bed-Stuy’s
Sunset’s up in the place
T.I’s up in the place
Fort Greene’s up in the place
Crown Heights up in the place

[Verse 2: Mister Man]
Hey yo, let it be known that I, control the zone leaving microphones blown
Once again it’s Brooklyn’s own mental giant, applying this
With sort of a minor twist, maintaining my status as the finalist
Just like I stated, this is dedicated just for Brooklyn
The sound so out of sight I got the blind people looking
So, check out the sound from the Flatbush underground, Mr. Man the acrobat
I rep the B downtown

[Verse 3: Kaos]
Fat like boppin, coming from that place called Brooklyn
Ya’ shookin’, heads will take those dreads if you not lookin’
But of course don’t sleep, cause they’ll take the pillow from ya’ head and you get hung by the sheets
So, don’t if you want to catch that dead eye, see ya’
Beat ya’ when I rocks it from Bushwick to C.I
So place your bets if you lose if you dare
Cause yea I be’s that [?] [?]

[Verse 4: Y-Tee]
(Some Jamaican Talk)

[Verse 5: Mister Man]
It’s like I come thorough, whenever I talk about my borough
The planet of medina where the grass is much greener
So, look over your shoulders and watch your back
I said don’t be afraid, be ready to attack
Boy it’s the acrobat, never had to pack a gat
Simply because my name is well known throughout the Black-a-lack
Brooklyn, the home of the real MC’s
Coming live and direct from out the N.Y.C

[Verse 6: Y-Tee]
I know ya’ wonder if ya’ ever been to Brooklyn
Brooklyn town, Brooklyn town
Ah where the youth dem watchin’ and movin’
Brooklyn town, Brooklyn town
[Line ?]
[Line ?]
[Line ?]
[Line ?]


Licence de diffusion :
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA pour la partie instrumentale
Partie vocale sous copyright (donc vous n’avez le droit ni de l’utiliser commercialement ni de la télécharger ni même de l’écouter ; elle n’est citée ici qu’à titre d’exemple du travail sur le son de MCP) : “Brooklyn Movements”, Publié en 1995 par Da Bush Babees Sounds (BMI) et EMI April Music/Salaam Remi Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
Da Bush Babees apparaissent avec la permission de Warner Brothers Records Inc.